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We often get asked questions about Saxmundham and so here are some thoughts on possible answers and few other items.

Where was the V.A.D. Hospital housed in WWI?

The Gannon (Institute) Rooms were used as a Voluntary Aid Detachment (V.A.D.) hospital.

The Last Woman to be Burnt.pdf

The last woman sentenced to be burnt

Margery Beddingfield,(1742—1763), murderer of her husband John, was probably the last woman in England to be sentenced to be burnt.

Possible location of the bottle and glass

Where was the Bottle and Glass?

The Bottle & Glass is mentioned on an 1837 map of the area. Overlaying the old map onto a modern one appears to show the Bottle & Glass alongside the stream that is a tributary to the Fromus.
Map here

Leaving Saxmundham via Harper's Lane (locally referred to by some as the 'old coach road to Rendham'), through Henley Close and across Felsham Rise. Follow the path alongside the stream and continue just west of what is now the Saxmundham Primary School's site.

A few locals remember seeing the remains of the building many years ago. Some refer to it as being at the bottom or back of Saxon Road which is roughly the same area as shown on the map.

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Offical Guide to Saxmundham

"Offical Guide to Saxmundham" by J.S.Waddell c1940.

What is or were the 'layers'?

A possible explaination : An area of land to the south of Saxmundham where stockmen would 'lay up' their stock prior to the bi-weekly livestock sale.

The land was used for events when the Suffolk Show was held in Saxmundham.

The Layers was also a popular camping ground for the 6th Suffolk Cyclists during the Great War as mentioned in the "Offical Guide to Saxmundham" by J.S.Waddell c1940.


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